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FlowMind is an integrated environment for mapping, implementing, executing and optimizing Business Processes.

Thanks to FlowMind you can speed up the development of collaborative applications such as order processing, invoice validation, customer claims and helpdesk. The goal is to supply customers, citizens, employees with higher quality services at a lower cost.

FlowMind has been designed for Software Vendors and SaaS providers ready to add WorkFlow / BPM functionalities to their software but is also available to Public and Private Organizations for their own use.

Reconcile Business experts with Technical Experts

Business experts are able to create process models without the involvement of any Technical expert and without a need for any computing skills. Those models are then used by Technical experts who select and configure the appropriate FlowBean components according to the existing information system. What is important is that there is no break between the functional vision of the processes and their technical translation.

Build on existing investments

Based on information technology standards, the solution easily integrates the existing information system.
The solution runs on most operating systems (Linux, Solaris, Windows, HP-UX, Aix, iSeries - AS400, zSeries) and most databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, Informix).

Designed for Sofware Vendors and SaaS providers

FlowMind has been designed for Software Vendors and SaaS providers ready to add WorkFlow / BPM functionalities to their software : the quality of the architecture and the application programming interfaces (API) make FlowMind the fastest solution to embed into a business solution or application.

Public and Private Organizations

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Brand and Company

FlowMind is a brand of BPM Advanced Technology Company, a subsidiary of SAB Company, vendor of modular Global Banking and Financial solutions. Independent since its creation in 1989, SAB is a strong and dynamic international group, with a staff of 500 employees.