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Technical Notes
FlowGate - Web interface for Business Users Print E-mail

FlowGate is a web user interface for process participants (Business Users) to access the tasks they have to complete, as well as the services required for managing these tasks (history, delegate, save, etc.). It has been developed using the FlowMind Interaction API.

FlowGate dynamically generates the user interface and the information it presents to the user:

  • List of tasks
  • Task form
  • History information
  • Spontaneous delegation
  • Advanced delegation rules
  • Etc.
FlowSnap - Admin for Operational Managers Print E-mail

FlowSnap is a sample functional supervision application, based on the Struts framework. Running processes are managed by Operational Managers. Their mission is to check the good progress of the processes they are responsible for; they make sure that time scales are respected, they can reallocate tasks to other participants, etc.

FlowBoard - DashBoard for Operational Managers Print E-mail

FlowBoard is a sample functional dashboard application, based on the Leonardi framework.

The processes deployed are managed by Operational Managers. Their mission is to measure and analyse how well those processes are running, in order to improve them.

FlowMonitor - Supervision for System Administrators Print E-mail

FlowMonitor is dedicated to System Administrators whose role is to administer FlowMind, the WorkFlow / BPM Engine. Thanks to FlowMonitor , the WorkFlow / BPM Engine can be tuned perfectly if necessary for high volume transactions (connection pools, threads etc).


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