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Technical Notes
Description and specifications of the required software Print E-mail

The WorkFlow / BPM Engine requires the following to :

  • Ensure the management of users and groups
    • any LDAP directory, domain server, specific database, etc.
  • Serve dynamically generated HTML pages
    • any HTTP server
  • Ensure electronic mail notifications
    • any SMTP server
  • Ensure the identification and authentication of users
    • LDAP directory, specific database, authentication server (SSO, etc.).
FlowPoint - Process Mapping for Business Experts Print E-mail

FlowPoint is a graphical application designed for Business Experts who can map their business processes without any technical skill. The process models are saved in BPDL format (Business Process Definition Language) common with FlowComposer and are based on XML.

FlowComposer - Process Implementation for Technical Experts Print E-mail

FlowComposer is a graphical application designed for Technical Experts. The process models are saved in BPDL format (Business Process Definition Language) common with FlowPoint  and are based on XML. 

Communication is essential - FlowPoint & FlowComposer Print E-mail

Thanks to FlowPoint and FlowComposer Business and Technical Experts can work closely together in the formal specification and implementation phases.

Business and Technical Experts share the same view of processes.

With FlowPoint, the goal is to provide Business Experts, who are not technical, with a simple and intuitive tool to specify and document the processes they know. They can describe the sequence of "human tasks", define roles, the flow of information exchanged, and describe the conditions for moving from one step to another.

But they also have access to process components (pre-configured connectors, role resolution primitives, generic sub processes, etc.) pre-packaged by Technical Experts.

With FlowComposer, Technical Experts select and configure the right components according to the information system.

Although the power of expression increases with FlowPoint, a technical validation is strongly recommended prior to publishing a process, especially for processes which interact with the information system.


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