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Technical Notes
Single Sign On - SSO Print E-mail

A Single Sign On (SSO) system allows Business Users to request authentication once only to access several applications generally accessible via a portal. SSO can also mask the heterogeneity of the different authentication systems (login/password, pin, certificates, etc.)

Enterprise Application Integration - EAI Print E-mail

The primary mission of EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) type components is to automate transactional processes. Those processes, unlike WorkFlow / BPM processes, are fully automated and do not require anybody' action.

EAI solutions are application buses allowing access to all the information system components via a single communication protocol.

Thanks to the concept of FlowBean, FlowMind naturally integrates with EAI solutions via any JMS, File, Web Service or any other protocols. WorkFlow / BPM processes benefit from the connectivity offered by EAI solutions.

Application Server & EJB Print E-mail

FlowMind WorkFlow / BPM engine is J2EE compliant. The Application Server outsources all Process management (definition, authority, activation of steps, etc.) to the WorkFlow / BPM Engine. In return, the WorkFlow / BPM Engine delegates the business objects (EJB) management to the Application Server.

Role resolution Print E-mail

Notion of participants

The process participants are managed dynamically. It is therefore possible to assign a task to "all the development engineers who have taken part in a specific project".

A "Human" task has an attribute called actorList. Before activating a task, this attribute value must be filled-in. From this list, the task will be made available by the FlowBox component to all the participants in the list.


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