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Technical Notes
How to download the latest Service Pack ? Print E-mail

The latest Service Pack is available for download on our FTP Server.

Technical architecture Print E-mail

The Technical architecture : Open, Robust, Portable and Scalable

FlowBean - The First Reusable Workflow Java Component Print E-mail

FlowBean are reusable Workflow Java components. While FlowBean are both the description and the implementation of process definition objects, they are compatible with the JavaBean specifications by Sun Microsystems. Those components can be developped using tools like Eclipse.

FlowPoint and FlowComposer tools use those FlowBean which become executable by the WorkFlow / BPM Engine.

There are two types of FlowBean:

  • Process FlowBean:
These implement a complete business process (a series of steps) : a process of commitment to spending, invoice processing, recruitment, etc.
Process FlowBean are specified using the mapping tool FlowPoint and configured using the implementation tool FlowComposer.
  • Integration FlowBean:
These integrate with the existing information system as well as other applications.
  • Technical Middleware Integration FlowBean : write/read in a JDBC relational database, access to a LDAP directory, transmission of e-mails, interfacing with transaction systems, etc.
  • Technical Application Integration FlowBean : interfacing with standard market applications (Groupware, ERP, CRM, SCM, EDM, etc.), interfacing with owner applications, etc.
  • Functional Integration FlowBean : these are business connectors which offer a guarantee of independence between the definition of processes and the information system. They are implemented on the basis of Technical Integration FlowBean. In the event of a change in the information system’s components, their implementation will evolve (they will be implemented by another Technical FlowBean) but their interface, with the definition of processes, will not be subject to any changes. Therefore, there will be no impact on the process definition.

FlowBean are reusable object components. To guarantee their level of quality and performance and to facilitate their use we can certify your FlowBean. We can also publish them so that they become available to other application developers.

Compliance with standards Print E-mail

The user interface samples (FlowGate, FlowSnap, FlowMonitor, FlowBoard) are thin clients which run in any web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer) without any deployment or download on the computer.

Access to the databases used to ensure the data persistence is carried out via the JDBC protocol.

Users can be stored anywhere, in one or more LDAP and / or databases.

Access to the messaging system is done via SMTP.

Process definition are mapped with graphics editors and saved in XML format.

Developments of server parts of the solution comply with J2SE and J2EE.


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