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FlowMind covers all the stages of business process management: process mapping, process implementation, process automation, operational supervision and system administration. To guarantee maximum relevance and efficiency for processes, all tools adapt to people skills.

Process definition

Different people in the same organization can define their processes using graphical tools and a formal language. This formal process definition results in the automatic generation of a web application.

The 2 phases of process definition :

  • Business analysis: description of processes by Business Experts (functional managers or users) without any technical details. This level of definition focuses on the description of human activities, roles, flow of information as well as documents etc.

This phase of the definition activity is called Process Mapping

  • Technical implementation: the definition produced by the Business Experts is implemented by Technical Experts who choose the right components and configure those to guaranty performance, security, etc.
That phase of the definition activity is called Process Implementation

Process automation

  • Good performance is necessary to meet users’ expectations
  • High level of security is required for confidential processes, often core business processes
  • Traceability is essential for all users, partners and customers

Process administration

Once automated, processes must be supervised form a technical point of view by System Administrators, or from a functional point of view by Operational Managers.

The agility of Business Processes and their constant evolution imposed by constant changes requires very flexible solutions that can run 24x7 services.