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The solution includes several modules and covers the entire business process management life cycle; process mapping, process implementation, process execution, connexion with the information system, datamart, reporting etc.

Specifications become clear for everybody

  • Document and optimize your processes with Business Experts
  • Automate your optimized processes with Technical Experts
  • Reduce development cycles thanks to the cooperation of both Business and Technical Experts

Reusable Business Process Components

  • Reuse what already exist
  • Reduce deployment cycles
  • Customise template processes by subsidiary, service, etc.

Optimized architecture

  • Business Users can either work with Web or Java user interface
  • Response time have been optimized for all users
  • User interface can be easily embedded in any portal or application

Technical standards

  • A module is always implemented once the interface has been published
  • State of the art development
  • Up to date with the latest standards