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FlowMind WorkFlow / BPM engine is J2EE compliant. The Application Server outsources all Process management (definition, authority, activation of steps, etc.) to the WorkFlow / BPM Engine. In return, the WorkFlow / BPM Engine delegates the business objects (EJB) management to the Application Server.

The architecture diagram below illustrates those interactions.

From a Web browser, Business Users access an application hosted on the Application Server. Some functions of this application are implemented as processes, the definition, execution and management of which are outsourced to FlowMind. When the business application requires information about the state of a process or the tasks of connected users, or needs to give information about the completion of a task, the application accesses the services of the WorkFlow / BPM Engine via the Interaction API.

On the other side FlowMind uses the services of the Application Server to manage business objects used by the processes : type of data, business connectors (for example, extraction or updating of a customer file), and role resolution through the Integration API.